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CA Final Risk Management | 1.5 Day Revision Strategy & Planner

CA Final Risk Management | 1.5 Day Revision Strategy & Planner

Checklist Before starting your Exam:

  • You should properly get acquainted with the above-mentioned materials (specially mapping sheet).
  • Reading the question should give you a fair idea as to where to look for the answer in the material you are carrying.


After SCMPE Exam-

Since both DT and IDT have vast syllabus, you can invest the evening after your SCMPE exam on either of these subjects (DT or IDT – as per your preference and preparation level).

1 DAY Before the Exam-

  • After optimum amount of rest, open YouTube listen to 2 podcasts uploaded by Sir before November 2020 exam.
    • Risk Based Internal Audit
    • 11th Hour Summary

This will help you kickstart and help you recall the stuff you have studied earlier.

Playlist Link-

  • Summary of each chapter has been mentioned in SSEI book 2 in Sir’s own language, it will help you recall the concepts clearly.
  • After listening to above podcast, now open class wise (Recently recorded classes) summary podcasts with ICAI’s material. These podcast will help you to go through the whole ICAI’s material in matter of couple hours.
  • Start case studies with LIFO method i.e.,
    • first start with new case studies in Case study digest,
    • then MTP April-21, Jan-21 paper, November-20 paper, November-20 MTP, May-20 MTP.

Keep marking so that you can refer the same tomorrow (exam day). Since you have gone once through all the material and most of the case studies, it’s time to now venture into some new case studies which are there in Book-2. Since case studies are not repeated, these new case studies help in preparing you mentally for the exam.


  • After waking up, complete revision of the ICAI’s case studies, which you were not able to visit yesterday.
  • Now refer to the marked stuff, which you wanted to visit again and if time permits you can once again superficially go through ICAI’s material.
  • Now calm your mind for 2 hours, no notes no books just digest whatever you have studied in this 1.5 day…Have confidence & faith in yourself
  • You will definitely get result of your hard work!






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