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Author: Keshav Agarwal | 12th August 2021 | Read Time: 5-7 mins

What is Destiny? Is Destiny pre-determined?

The answer to this lies in one’s own belief.

Let me share a story with you about DESTINY.

Hi QForum Readers…I would like to introduce myself to you before we delve into my story. I am Keshav Agarwal—a CFA Level 2 Candidate, a Subject Matter Expert in Finance & a Derivative Analyst at SSEI MARKETS. What really defines me is my love for Finance & Markets. In all forms & shape. I am a trading enthusiast all the way. More insight about me will be available in glimpses via the story below. Hope you enjoy reading & gain some perspective from my experience.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Hari. Hari is a sincere student and has always been excellent in academics and a complete all-rounder. Hari decides to do CA as he feels that after climbing the ladder of CA he will able to reach his Goal (#1 Destiny). Hari sincerely studies for his exams and writes CA-IPCC. One unique thing about Hari is that he has a very strong analytical mind and loves numbers. He fails in the IPCC exam with a slight margin. Hari again sincerely writes it & fails—again. The process continues for 6 times.

There is another person called Shyam. He studies for CA exams effortlessly and passes all the three levels and becomes a CA in 1st attempt. Hari and Shyam are best friends and they go to their Gurudev.

Hari asks his Gurudev: Why am I failing despite a lot of efforts and talent?

Gurudev asks a question to Hari: Hari beta, if a person’s goal is to reach A (#1) & he tries to climb a ladder which leads to B, will he able to reach goal A even if tries harder & multiple times?

Hari: No. then how can one find the ladder to A?

Gurudev: Through self-reflection. One’s destiny lies within them. Find your passion which complements your strength.

Hari: How can I find my Passion?

Gurudev: Find something that you would do, even if you didn’t need the money from it.

Hari: I didn’t quite get you.

Gurudev: Do you think that Ambani, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Elon musk work for money?

Hari: No.

Gurudev: They have all the money in the world & even if they stop working, their next 100 generations can live a king’s life. Money is just a by-product of what they are doing and not the main product or focus. Live your life like that because we only live once— don’t waste it Hari.

Hari: How can I find that Job?

Gurudev: Life is all about experimenting and exploring. Start with your strengths.

Hari introspects—for a long time, he felt a loss of self-esteem due to multiple failures. He realises that he was chasing the wrong ladder in his life & that he needs to explore life beyond CA ..this coveted degree couldn’t be the end of the world really.

He feels that he is very good in mathematics and that he has a very strong analytical & creative mind. He also feels that uptil now, he has devoted his life to education with utmost sincerity & that ‘education’ is his dharma. He got his self-esteem back with the right mind set.

Hari has now become ready…

Ready for what? Ready for new possibilities…ready to learn new things and most important of all–ready for new challenges in life.

When the student is ready, the teacher APPEARS.

Now you may wonder…how suddenly now?

This is where the trick lies…When one is ready & has an open mind—your destiny & the path to it will find a way to manifest itself in your scheme of things…

Hari’s mind sub consciously takes him to the teacher. He joins Shiva Sir’s classes for finance. The way Shiva Sir taught finance, Hari gets the ultimate interest in the subject and his love for numbers only acted as a catalyst to bind this bond forever.

Hari decided to teach finance as he has now learned from the best. In the process, unknowingly– he started climbing the ladder to A.

He went to the west (USA) and started sharing his knowledge of Finance. Slowly with time he became a subject matter expert in Finance.

He found that majority of his students are struggling with derivatives. So Hari starts taking special classes in derivatives. As he is just teaching theory, he also decides to go into the practical aspect of derivatives. That’s when his journey to F&O market started.

When he saw Options for the first time, he fell in love with it. If love at first sight is true, then this is definitely that! On the screen everywhere– he could see only numbers dancing and singing their own song of Delta, Theta, Gamma…o…Vega. He realized in that moment about what his Guruji said: Find something that you would do, even if you didn’t need the money from it.

He started trading in options. It was not a money-making tool for him, instead it is just like a video game for him which he enjoys playing– money is just the by-product. Hari doesn’t look at trading as work and for him, every aspect about it is effortless.

Hari finally meets his destiny: OPTIONS TRADING.

He becomes a pro trader and trainer with time. If one can rank individual human beings in an imaginary ‘Happiness Index’, then Hari could easily rank as the global topper!

He is invited to Indian School of Business as a guest speaker to speak on his trading journey.

Hari narrates his journey to all.

One student asks: Is destiny pre-determined?

Hari: Yes, it is pre-determined by one’s self. I believe in Destiny. One’s Destiny is determined by one’s strength and interest.

Thank You, Keshav Agarwal.



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  1. I can relate to this story as it also took many attempts for me to clear CA Final. But now I have also become interested in Finance after taking classes from Sanjay Sir. Very good to earn money and satisfy that inner hunger/quest for doing something challenging, creative, & exceptional. Most important you don’t have a Boss! You are your own boss and can decide your timings to learn new things & skills without any limitation at all!
    Just curious to know Who is Gurudev in your story?

  2. I guess hari here is itself Keshav sir & shiva sir is non other than sanjay sir.