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The Big Bull or A Big Bully? A Glass Half-Full Perspective on Harshad Mehta

The Big Bull or A Big Bully? A Glass Half-Full Perspective on Harshad Mehta
Author: CA Anurag Sharma | 15th Dec 2020 | Read Time: 3-5 mins 

For those who don’t know me:

A Qualified Chartered Accountant & a CFA charter-holder with 6 years of corporate experience working across MNCs, my introduction would be incomplete if I didn’t mention what I actually do that is food to my soul— hi, this is Anurag Sharma, and I’m an educator by passion & choice! Currently I’m teaching Business Law & BCR to CA Foundation students and it fills me with immense joy and pride to guide and mentor them and contribute to their success in my own little way.

As I sit to write this, I’m aware that some may feel why I’m talking about something that’s quite saturated by now. Yes, I feel like sharing a perspective or 2 about the already-so much-talked-about web series on Harshad Mehta. Well, as they say, it’s never late to share your thoughts!

I’m sure most of us have already seen the web series [The SCAM 1992], and while the entire social media is busy tagging HARSHAD MEHTA as either a Hero or a Fraudster, I would like to appeal to the readers to look at the glass half-full perspective for once.


Before you guys put a gun to my head, yes, I’m aware of the fact that his methods were not legit and how 1000s lost their money in the stock market and suffered. But I’m not trying to glorify him here. What I’m trying to get at is that we can learn something from everyone- its an art to be able to develop such thinking process where you know how to kill the noise and just focus on how you can benefit from whatever’s in front of you. I would like to highlight the key positive takeaways I could see by observing the whole Harshad Mehta fiasco.

  • Challenging the status-quo and not accepting others’ version of YOUR worth!- If he would have listened to people around him and accepted it, he would have never seen the inside of BSE, let alone become the The Big Bull.
  • Thinking big in life-He always believed in his dream and dreaming big in life, and then working towards that day in & day out.
  • Taking risk in life & not playing it too safe [Risk hai to Ishq hai]- Thinking out-of-the-box is another trait I couldn’t ignore in his personality. When his trading account was suspended, he entered into advisory business. He basically pushed open another door for himself when the first one was closed in his face.
  • Being confident & having faith in your ability- He was never afraid to reach out to people and put his best foot forward. If you are not confident about yourself, how you expect others to be confident about you and your ability.
  • Fighting for your dream & working hard to make it see the light of the day– Lot many obstacles and criticism were hurled at him but he never took it as a setback, but rather used it as a stepping stone.

Of course, its also important to learn from his mistakes. One should know when to stop! Being opportunistic and exploiting loopholes is 1 thing, but there is a limit to playing the system. Last but not the least, never ignore the advice of the people who truly care for you & love you.

The stories & events that we see, hear and read—they are a mix ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’. And it is always up to us as to what we want to draw from them & how we want them to influence us and our lives. This time, I choose to draw an inspiration from this story and learn to always go after your dream and put in everything you must to achieve it. It doesn’t matter what your background is and where you come from, you have the power within to change it and gift yourself a better tomorrow–period.

I would like to know what you all think…please drop your thoughts in the comments box.

Thanks, Anurag Sharma

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  1. Hi Muskan,

    Happy New Year

    That’s the beauty of stories it offers different perspective to different people. As u rightly said it is with us what we want to draw from them

    And all of ur observation are bang on target

  2. This comment was edited.

    Hello sir ,
    I really appreciate your way of observing positivity and learning outcomes .
    Well ! I have also marked out a few more learning areas and will love to add them to your observations~
    – The persistent determination of the journalist Sucheta Dalal to pursue her passion
    – The dialogue by harshad , “biggest risk is in not taking the risk”
    – Despite of all the odds, Harshad’s commendable desire to enter into market again (although it wasn’t legitimate but still we can learn from there and have that determination for legitimate approaches)
    – The biggest lesson is money is just a number and if u r finding ur happiness in money , then that will your search will never end.
    I Have tried to mention mine key learnings and would love to have more add ons because I beleive whatever happened in 1992 that is a past and our attempt should be to learn from that.
    Thank you!
    Muskan Jindal

  3. Absolutely well thought and jotted down …… everyone should start thinking in such a manner.

  4. well you are right… actually everyone had a clear perspective about him that is either he was a person with a black image or a white one but none could see that he could actually have a grey image too.
    And as a person who’s starting her career in the field of finance… I believe that he was the first person who showed the potential of stock market to the common man in our country.