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QForum Super 50 Scholarship Program | Aug 2021

QForum Super 50 Scholarship Program | Aug 2021
Sanjay Sir's Announcement :

What is the QForum Super 50 Scholarship Exam all about?

QForum–in collaboration with SSEI & Ulurn, is proud to announce a Merit Based Scholarship Initiative for students &/or professionals who wish to take CFA Level 1 training from Sanjay Saraf Sir

The idea is to give desirous candidates a taste of the CFA curriculum by providing them training on a small module of Time Value Money (TVM) & then testing their knowledge by conducting an Online Scholarship Exam on 15th Aug 2021.

Come & experience what training for an international exam feels like….how an exam in MCQ format tests a candidate’s analytical brilliance & intellect rather than testing one’s memory or learning capacity. Take this never-before opportunity. TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP INTO THE WORLD OF FINANCE.

What’s the Scholarship Award?

Top 50 scorers of the Scholarship Exam get awarded the Ulurn CFA Level 1 Platinum training module (lectures by Sanjay Saraf Sir) in the following hierarchy:

  • First 5 toppers get a 100% Scholarship 
  • Next 20 toppers get a 50% Scholarship 
  • Next 25 toppers get a 25% Scholarship 

Scholarship Exam Details

Date: Sunday, 15th August 2021 at 4pm

Where: SSEI QForum Mock Test Platform (Online Exam)

Topic: Time Value of Money

Questions: 15-25 Multiple Choice Questions

Duration: 45 Min exam

Requirement: Taking the 45min Scholarship Exam requires uninterrupted Internet connection. Preferred device is desktop/laptop. Mobile not recommended. Scientific Calculator required (all links shared in this article)

Exam Window:

  • Exam will be live on 15th Aug from 4pm to 5pm (60 min) IST.
  • Total Exam duration remains 45 min only, we are keeping the window open for 15min extra so as to accommodate any unforeseen challenges.
  • All candidates are strictly advised to start the exam at 4pm sharp and hit Submit button when they are done or 45min timer expires—whichever is earlier.
  • Candidates need to specifically click on the Submit tab within 5pm for a successful submission.
  • No submissions can be made beyond 5pm threshold in any circumstance. The system will not allow the same.
  • If a candidate does not Submit the exam within 5pm—his/her exam will be considered Null & Void by default. No requests can be entertained beyond the 5pm threshold as it’s an automated exam run by algorithm. There is no concept of human/manual intervention to accommodate student requests.
  • Q. How to verify that your exam has been submitted successfully?

          A: Look at your Mock dashboard for which of the following 2 messages is displayed:

              >‘Your Results are scheduled for xyz date’: Implies Successful Submission.

             >‘Continue’ the exam: Implies that your exam is Pending Submission.

Contact Details

For queries/assistance,

Call/Whatapp: 7595058006/9674006144 or

Write to

What are the STEPS for participating in the Scholarship Exam?


Visit SSEI QForum Mock Test Platform, Sign-up as a User (one-time registration) and then Enrol (means purchase) for the QForum Super 50 Scholarship Exam @Rs 100 nominal charge.



Visit ULURN website, Sign-up as a User (fresh sign up is required, QForum creds won’t work on Ulurn) & purchase the ‘CFA L 1 Scholarship Test Prep’ that contains 9 lectures of Time Value of Money by Sanjay Saraf Sir alongwith 3 supporting docs (Practice Questions, Class Notes, Core Reading)

Code for 100% discount on this prep package: ‘CFASCHOLAR’

Ulurn Prep pkg Link:

You may download the 3 docs from SSEI QForum too:


Fill this Google Form (compulsory):

We will be verifying the details & identity of candidates winning the Scholarship before handing out the award (the CFA Level 1 Platinum/Gold Package for training with Sanjay Saraf Sir).


Prepare well for the exam by watching the 9 classes on Time Value of Money & practicing questions.


Take the Demo Exam on SSEI QForum.

To ensure that candidates don’t face any last moment challenges in accessing/taking the Scholarship Exam on 15th August 2021, we are making available a 10min Demo Mock on SSEI QForum to help students get hands-on experience of the mock interface before actual exam. Highly recommended. Any issues faced on Exam Day (15 Aug 2021) will have no resolution as the exam window is just 60 minutes & you may lose this one-time opportunity of availing the first ever Scholarship program by QForum!

Demo Exam Link:–Super-50-Scholarship-Exam-Candidates-


Take the QForum Super 50 Scholarship Exam on 15 Aug 2021 @ 4pm on SSEI QForum Mock Test Platform!


Wait for Scholarship winners to be announced.


How to prepare for the topic TVM?  

Watch the 9 classes on Time Value of Money + Refer Class Notes + Practice Questions provided alongwith the prep package.

Once you’ve purchased the Scholarship Test Prep from Ulurn (Step 2), the classes can be played on the Ulurn website (desktop/laptop/mobile) by visiting My Account–>Order–>select Video–>Play the lecture.

Note: CFA curriculum requires use of a scientific calculator. You will need the same for practicing & solving questions of TVM. For this scholarship exam, you should downloadBA Financial Calculator’ mobile application from Google Play Store/ iOs App Store on your mobile.

Google Play Store Link:

iOs App Store Link:

Important Points:

  • Non-transferability: The Scholarship awarded is strictly non-transferable and can only be availed by the candidate appearing for the scholarship exam and not by any other person.
  • Eligibility: Anyone wishing to start the CFA program & desirous of taking the CFA Level 1 training from Sanjay Saraf Sir. Includes students & professionals pursuing other courses like CA Inter/ CA Final/ Engineering students etc who wish to start the CFA program. Candidates of CFA L2 or L3 are strictly not eligible. Students who are newly enrolled for the CFA Level 1 program & wish to take the training from Sanjay Saraf Sir may apply for the exam. The management reserves all rights for deciding the final Scholarship winners & may exercise discretion at the time of awarding the Scholarship (the Level 1 training module) without  contest.
  • Use one single email id and contact number for all registrations: All candidates are instructed to use the same email id & contact number for all registrations (on QForum Mock website for purchasing the exam, on Ulurn website for availing the Test Prep package and finally for watching the Level 1 classes on Ulurn App/Laptop/Desktop in case you win the Scholarship). Multiple email id and/or contact number will not be entertained under any circumstance.
  • Package option: Winners may opt for CFA L1 Gold Package if they wish to take the module without Review classes. Scholarship will be applicable accordingly (50% or 25% as applicable)
  • Ranking: Winners will be ranked on basis of total score, accuracy level & time-taken in answering the exam (overall performance). In case of  a tie, the algo has been set to rank the winners based on a combination of these 3 parameters.
  • Claiming the Award: Winners are required to claim their award within 30 days of winning the Scholarship, i.e, within 14 Sept 2021. Any claim beyond 14th Sept 2021 will not be entertained.
  • Validity of Course: If a Scholarship winner wishes to take the L1 training at a later date  (say you want to start studying for L1 in Jan 2022 and not now)—in that case we shall provide you the flexibility of choosing the Activation Date of the course. Such date will have to be within a reasonable range (management’s discretion). 
    But you will have to Claim the award & complete all formalities including payment (payment in case of 50% & 25% scholarship only) within the designated date of 14 Sept 2021. At the time of claiming the scholarship (within 14 Sept 2021), please specify the date from which you wish to activate your course. Choose the activation date carefully–the date can be chosen only at the time of payment & cannot be altered once input into the system.
  • Verification Process: All scholarship winners shall go through a verification process before handing out the award (the CFA L1 Platinum package). QForum reserves the right to exercise all discretion on the matter without contest.
  • Meaning of Award : The scholarship award is the CFA L1 Platinum Training module by Sanjay Saraf Sir. A winning candidate may either avail the scholarship or leave it. In the event that a winning candidate does not wish to study for CFA L1, we will not entertain any requests for providing another product in replacement of the said award 
  • We reserve the final discretion of awarding/ retracting of any announced Scholarship: In case of any discrepancy or issues that come to our notice at time of verification of the Scholarship recipient, we reserve the final discretion & our decision on the matter shall be final & binding. We shall not entertain any contest on the same. We have the best interests for all participants & our decisions are directed to ensure only genuine & deserving candidates are awarded the scholarship.



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